About Sol Union

This site began as a small site, Sol Gaming, to host Blaze Game Engine. Since then, many more projects have been added, many of which weren't based in the gaming genre. This graduated the site from Sol Gaming to Sol Union, representing a union of different fields. During a few of these projects, I worked side by side with Nicholas Kramer.

Ned Bingham

I am in my second year in the PhD program at Cornell Tech. I learned Basic, C, and C++ at ID Tech Camps at Smith College and Camp Caen at University of Michigan and picked up the rest of the languages on the way. So far, I have mostly been using these projects as platforms to help me learn the subject of interest. When I am not coding or designing chips, you'll find me hiking in the Appalacian Mountains, Kayaking on a lake, rock climbing, playing one of my many instruments, and best of all, spending time with my beautiful girlfriend.